Welcome to the R&R!

R&R Aquatics is pleased to offer Summer Swim and Dive program as well Fall and Spring Sessions to learn the basics, improve your skills or maintain your conditioning.  

In advance, we would like to thank you for your support.  Together, we can make this an exciting and positive experience for your child.  Listed below are several topics we would like to cover with you, and for you to discuss with your child: benefits, schedules, regulations, and class structure.


Your child will receive the following benefits:

                    -Enhanced swimming abilities

                    -Increase in endurance

                    -Improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence

                    -Great preparation for competitive swimming

                    -Proper stroke techniques for Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke, and Butterfly

                    -Proper techniques for starts, turns and finishes for competitive swimming


The R&R Aquatics website breaksdown each session individually with greater details.  Please click the Session below that you are interested in:


We would like the parents to help us with behavior and compliance.  Please have your child be courteous to his/her teammates and coach by following these rules:

                    -no dunking or splashing

                    -no misuse of equipment or facility

                    -no pushing teammates into the pool

                    -no talking or going under water while your coach is talking or giving instructions

                    -most importantly, listen and look at your coach while he/she is teaching


In addition, we encourage swimmers to wear goggles.  Those swimmers with long hair need to wear a swim cap or pull hair back. Team swim caps are required for meets. With all of this in mind, class instruction and meets can be most beneficial to all learners.


Groups will be organized according to age and/or ability.  This process may take up to 2 weeks.  Practice structure will include a warm-up, conditioning, and instructions on stroke techniques as well as starts, turns and finishes.  Age groups are 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18, 19 & over. 

We look forward to working with you and adding your family to ours!

Items For Sale

Team Suits:

Make checks payable to Texas Swim Shop:

Poly Training

           Female youth                   $46.95

                    Female adult           $48.25


                   Male Jammer           $33.00

                   Male Brief                  $31.00

R&R Parkas                              $105.00

Drag Suits                                   $35.00


Other Items:

make checks payable to R&R Aquatics:

Team swim caps - latex               $ 5.00

Team swim caps - silicone        $10.00

Classic Water gear goggles       $ 5.00

Swedish goggles                          $ 5.00

TYR goggles                                 $10.00

Speedo Vanquisher                     $15.00

R&R decals                                    $ 8.00 

Visors/Baseball Caps                 $10.00 

                      (fill out order form)

Team t-shirts*                              $10.00

                            (XXL and up)    $12.00

(*Free for all registered swimmers)